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China Telecom Gives Yodo1Highest Potential Partners Award -- Here's Why That's Important for Android Gaming

Jan 14, 2013 | By:

So this is a fancy little plaque that’ll likely lead to big things: Earlier this month, to our huge surprise and honor, China Telecom awarded it to us in the category of “highest potential partners”, along with ten other developers, including Electronic Arts China and Glu China. So it’s also an honor to be among such prestigious company.

What’s it mean for Yodo1 to be a “highest potential partner” of China Telecom? Well, let me give you a bit of background:

One of the three mobile operators in the nation, China Telecom has 14% share of the total market, but in terms of Android gaming monetization, is the largest of the three. And there’s lots of Android gamers on its Ai Youxi gaming platform: In the last quarter of 2012, there were 80 million registered users, and the company just announced it ended 2012 with 100 million registered users, 30 million of them monthly active. Their audience is concentrated more on casual, single-player gaming, and they tend to use older handsets. China Telecom’s platform uses one-click carrier billing for in-app payments, which is one reason why Ai Youxi is so great for Android games. And even though it’s the smallest telecom in terms of handsets, they’re also the most aggressive when it comes to the future of the smartphone market: China Telecom was the first to announce iPhone 5 for their network, for instance, and they’re well on their way to creating the biggest Android game market among all the carriers.

Our first game launches on Ai Youxi next month, so I’ll be writing more about the platform in the Spring. Congrats to the other nine Highest Potential Partners, and thanks to all the folks at China Telecom for giving us such a great gift just before the Chinese New Year’s holiday season.

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