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DFC Intelligence Profiles Yodo1 on Publishing Mobile Games in China

Apr 25, 2014 | By:

DFC Intelligence Yodo1 Chinese Mobile Game

DFC Intelligence, one of the world’s most respected game industry analysts, has an in-depth profile of Yodo1, interviewing our CEO Henry Fong on the Chinese mobile game industry and how Yodo1 operates in China and the rest of Asia. Here’s some key excerpts:

Henry Fong on the size of the Chinese mobile game market:

“In 2013, revenue-wise, the market was about US $1.6 billion to $1.8 billion. We anticipate that to double in 2014, so anywhere between $3.2 billion to $3.6 billion. The depth of consumer penetration is expected to continue to grow, so if you look at smartphone penetration and 3G/4G penetration in China, we’re not even at the halfway mark.”

Henry Fong on trends and changes in China’s mobile gaming ecosystem:

“Android is now the faster growing platform with unit shipments exceeding iOS devices by roughly three to one. Android’s monetization capabilities continue to grow as well with more mature and frictionless payment methods.”

“[In the near future,] the number of players dominating discovery and distribution, which will get smaller as the big players increase their market share. There’s going to be one to two dozen players dominating discovery and distribution.”

“In 2014, upwards of 600M will likely play some kind of game with their smartphone.”

How Yodo1 publishes Western mobile games to the Chinese market, and how much revenue can be earned from it:

“Culturalizing every aspect of a game to the target audience – not just the language, but the art style, music, story, monetization mechanics etc., and determining whether all of those are a popular fit with the gaming audience in China. It requires rewriting all the narrative so it reads and plays like a locally made game.”

“Significant amounts of revenue. For instance, when Defiant Development launched the international version of its casual single player game as a paid iOS app in China, they averaged $69 a day. Our first co-produced Chinese edition of Ski Safari grew that to $1,351 a day. Our next update with Yodo1-produced Chinese content increased that to $4,200 a day; an update with additional Chinese content boosted that to $14,500 a day. See my GDC 2014 presentation for more details.”

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