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Join the battle of good vs evil, and face off as an Autobot or as a Decepticon in this strategy game of war. Choose a side, and assemble the ultimate team of Transformers the galaxy has ever seen.

Join forces with Transformers characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, or side with Megatron and Starscream. Use the Space Bridge to summon over 100 bots from Cybertron. Create an impenetrable defense in this building game and prepare for the final fight in Transformers: Earth Wars.


  • Build your defenses and protect your base of operations
  • Strategize your attack regime based on your characters special abilities
  • Form alliances with fellow Autobots and defend against Decepticon attacks in global competitions and weekly events!
  • Plan strategies with other Decepticons and bring devastation to the Autobot bases!
  • The global chat and alliance features make even the multiplayer experience worth fighting for!
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and animations


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