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Gamasutra Features Postmortem of Red Rocket Games/Yodo1#039;s OMG:TD!

Feb 11, 2014 | By:

OMG TD Gamasutra Apple feature
Gamasutra is featuring a postmortem on our new Greek mythology-themed game OMG:TD!, which we co-developed with our pals at Red Rocket Games in Shanghai. Written by RRG’s Kristen C. Stewart and Soo Jin Kai, the postmortem explains the challenges of publishing a globally successful game that’s appealing across cultures. For instance:

Given that many Chinese players aren’t familiar with these gods in the first place, we decided to be very literal with our own translations: Zeus became 雷神 (“thunder god”), Artemis became 箭神 (“arrow god”), Hephaestus became 焰神 (“flame god”), and so forth. Our goal was to make sure this aspect of Western culture felt accessible to our non-Western players, whether or not they knew much about Greek mythology.

We’ve also applied this attitude when incorporating Chinese culture into OMG: TD! To celebrate Chinese New Year, which starts at the end of January, we added a big App Store update that includes a new hero named Cai Shen, the Chinese God of Prosperity.

Read it all on Gamasutra here, and thanks to Red Rocket for helping us become one of the very largest game publishers to the China market!

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