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Game Industry Veteran Jung Suh Joins the Yodo1 Team!

Jul 25, 2013 | By:

Here’s an official welcome to veteran game developer Jung Suh, who recently joined Yodo1 to head up a new division of the company we’ll be talking about soon. Born in South Korea and raised in California, Jung’s been working in games since 1995 — read his full bio here. Team Yodo1 had a chance to talk about his game publishing philosophy, his thoughts on the future of games, and his highlights as a developer for top publishers like Activision and Electronic Arts:



The kind of games he’d like to help Yodo1 publish: “We’re not looking for any particular type of game — to me, fun, innovation, and quality is way more important than genre. To give you a better sense of what I mean, here’s just some of my favorite mobile games (besides Yodo1′s titles, of course): Plants vs. Zombies, Kingdom Rush, Limbo, Peggle, Clash of Clans, Robot Unicorn Attack, Draw Something, Ridiculous Fishing, Real Racing, ZombieVille, and World of Goo. I really have a very wide spectrum of game style I enjoy – depending on when and where I’m playing. ”

Some of his milestones from 18 years of working in games: “Working on MechWarrior 2 and Zork Nemesis at Activision. I was in product marketing, and worked closely with the production teams day and night – kinda like now. It’s such an awesome feeling finally getting to watch other people enjoy your game without them even knowing you helped create it. It was my first job in the industry, and back then, Activision was just two floors full of gamers. I miss working with small development teams — which is why it’s so great to be working in mobile gaming, which is still like that.

“At Electronic Arts, it was such a thrill to meet Will Wright, and sit in on meetings with Richard Garriot aka Lord British, game gods like that. Also great getting to meet game developer luminaries before they became famous. And I loved the Electronic Arts library — a huge room with pretty much every game for every platform, which EA employees could check out and play any time.”

The future of gaming: “We’re definitely seeing the market continue to change and grow, and clearly, the free-to-play model is dominating the ecosystem, which is great for us at Yodo1 and our development partners, because that’s our space. We’re just getting started with mobile — it’s going to get a lot larger and a lot more interesting. We’re going to see an expansion of games for phones, as well as more tailored games for tablets, which is going to be interesting. We’ll also start to see innovation happening around mobile devices connected to TVs as part of the game experience, which is going to lead to new kinds of gameplay, and game UI, which will become a lot more physical and touch/motion based.”

More news on Jung coming very soon — stay tuned!

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