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Great Cavemania Reviews from Kotaku, Arcade Sushi, and AppGamer

Sep 25, 2013 | By:

Cavemania mobile game Kotaku review

Kotaku, Eric Jou: “From a studio that helped create Age of Empires, BonusXP, and China-based publisher Yodo1, Cavemania defies genre… With its clever blend of RPG, RTS, and semi-tower defense, the game is a smorgasbord of genres smartly wrapped up into a match-three. It’s simple enough for any casual player and deep enough for some hardcore gamers looking for a little more out of their secret love for Bejeweled.” Read the rest on Kotaku.

Arcade Sushi, John Llewellyn Martin: “Cavemania’s got great visuals, a fun soundtrack, and two awesome ways to play all rolled into one experience. If you like match-three puzzle games and light, strategic role-playing games, then Cavemania should send you into fits of elation. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s got cavemen bonking dinosaurs on the head. Give it a download. What are you waiting for, another ice age?” Read the rest on Arcade Sushi.

AppGamer, Paul Bryan: “The words ‘Match 3′ may send many hard core gamers running for the hills, but sometimes it just works and you end up with a game like Cavemania…. Cavemania certainly provides enough of a change and a challenge to make it a worthwhile download.” Read the rest on AppGamer.

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