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How to Publish Western Smartphone Games in China -- YouTube Video of Yodo1's GDC 2013 Talk

Apr 3, 2013 | By:

Here’s a YouTube video of our GDC talk about publishing Western mobile games in China — time code annotations and Slideshare of the Powerpoint talk are below:

0:15 – Key takeaways from the session summarized.
0:30 – The challenges for Western games in China around monetization, social media discovery, and distribution.
1:55 – The Chinese app stores and social media networks that games need to be integrated with, and how they work.
3:30 – IP and brand protection of mobile games in China.
4:05 – How to do good cultural adaptation of games in the China market, with Alpha Zero as an example.
7:10 – How to promote games on Chinese social networks, and the best platforms to integrate with.
8:10 – How Hero Academy’s Shaolin team came to be implemented into the game — and how the game is integrated with Chinese social networks to drive growth and engagement.
9:20 – How the Great Firewall of China impacts online/MMO game servers — and why developers should deploy servers based in China.
10:30 – How to monetize Western games in China to the broadest audience possible.
11:50 – The importance of new content and the “games as a service” model, how it affects retention rates (which are comparably low in China). Featuring examples from Hero Academy and Clouds & Sheep.
13:15 – Popcap as a great example of a Western game developer that’s doing “games as a service” in China the right way, and consequently monetizing really well. Clouds & Sheep also cited as a good example.
14:30 – How to create a game community with a mobile SDK that pulls players in.
15:00 – The many things Western developers can do to conquer China.
15:45 – China’s top Android app stores, and how many downloads they drive.
16:15 – Ski Safari from Defiant Development as a case study of a well-monetized and distributed game in China, with revenue numbers (at 18:00).
18:50 – Additional online resources to read about China mobile games and the Chinese Internet.
19:30 – Audience Q&A: Mobile games versus PC gaming in China.
20:45 – Audience Q&A: Mobile carrier revenue share split numbers.
21:50 – Audience Q&A: The potential of WeChat as a game promotion platform.

Here’s the Powerpoint of the talk, which you can view while watching this video:

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