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OMG:TD! App Store Update for Chinese New Years: 3 New Levels amp; A Special Mission Featuring China#039;s God of Prosperity!

Jan 28, 2014 | By:

Chinese New Year OMG TDWe have a special treat for OMG:TD! players around the world from all of us at Yodo1 and Red Rocket Games in China: Available now in Apple App Stores everywhere, we are adding a big content update to the game that’s themed around Chinese New Year’s, which begins today: Cai Shen, the Chinese God of Prosperity, whose birthday is celebrated during the holidays, is making a friendly visit to Olympus, and helping them fund the Greek gods’ clash against the Titans.
Cai Shen OMGTDSince Cai Shen loves gold and good fortune follows him wherever he goes, he has three special abilities in OMG:TD!: Spare Change, Mr. Moneybags, and Angry Gold — all designed to bring you extra prosperity in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Not only that, he collects your leftover gold after you beat a level, and once he’s grabbed a pile of 10,000 gold pieces, he bestows on you a cool magic hat which gives you 20% more gold drop from defeated enemies. On top of all that Chinese New Year fun, we also added three new, super-tough bonus levels! They’re so tough, you can even bring in an extra hero to help you out!

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Download OMG:TD! from the App Store to get this new update now — and a very gung hei fat choy from all of us at Yodo1 and Red Rocket Games!

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