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Popstar Redfoo Becomes Playable Hero in Our Hit Strategy Game OMG:TD!

Aug 27, 2014 | By:

Redfoo OMGTD Yodo1
Our hit game OMG:TD! now comes with a hit maker: As Inside Mobile Apps reports, hiphop star Redfoo (from LMFAO) is partnering with us to become a playable hero in the game. The unlockable character can help players defend Olympus with signature moves we custom-made for the electropop/hip-hop star, like turning enemies into confetti, or forcing them into a “Let’s Get Ridiculous” dance break. (iOS version only, for now.) To unlock Redfoo in OMG:TD!, complete the short tutorial levels and level 3, then buy him the Shop, under the Heroes tab.

Full announcement below!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and BEIJING, CHINA — August 26 –– Yodo1, Beijing-based publisher and platform provider for mobile games, today proudly announced the arrival of international popstar Redfoo of LMFAO into OMG:TD!, its fun Greek mythology-themed strategy game hit. Depicted in-game as a party rock god with unknown origins and awesome abs, the playable Redfoo character will help players defend Olympus from vomiting Titans, exploding sheep, and other zany attackers, using signature moves befitting the electropop/hip-hop star, like turning enemies into confetti, or forcing them into a “Let’s Get Ridiculous” dance break.

This represents the first time a Chinese mobile gaming company is incorporating a well-known American pop music persona into its content to appeal to a US/global market.

Redfoo’s entrance into OMG:TD! is linked to his latest video, “New Thang” which features the game throughout several scenes of the video (viewable here), and represents an integrated experience in global, transmedia branding by the LA musician and the Beijing game publisher. Yodo1 is working with other global brands to help them integrate their own IP to future co-produced games.

OMG:TD! now counts millions of players, with nearly half based in China, the rest throughout the world.

“Redfoo’s personality and style was a perfect fit for OMG:TD!’s fun personality,” said Jung Suh, Yodo1′s head of Global Publishing. “Mobile games continue to grow in popularity and influence, and the rest of the entertainment industry is starting to notice. This is a perfect opportunity for us to leverage the appeal of both brands to create an experience we think both existing OMG:TD! players and Redfoo fans will love.”


Redfoo/OMG:TD! details:

A party rock god with unknown origins and abs of steel, Redfoo can always be counted on to get ridiculous.

- Redfoo in-game skills:

  • LET’S GET RIDICULOUS: Redfoo charges up to make nearby enemies dance for 12 seconds!
  • PARTY ROCK: Enemies killed by Redfoo burst into confetti, dealing heavy damage!
  • DOPE ZEBRA: Redfoo has a 30 percent chance to summon a stampeding zebra that deals heavy damage!

Download OMG:TD! with Redfoo in the App Store:. To unlock Redfoo, play the game’s short tutorial levels and complete Level 3 (about 20 minutes), then get him in the Store’s Hero section for $3.99.

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