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Yodo1 Game Developers Get Three Feature Listings on Apple China's App Store!

Jan 31, 2013 | By:

Well this was an excellent surprise: When we came into the office late last week and hit the front page of Apple China’s App Store, we realized that not one, not two, but three games by our developers were being featured there. These are awesome titles by some of our best game dev partners, and it’s an honor to find out Apple thinks so too. Since I’m so proud of these developers, let me tell you more about each – and be sure to check out the Western versions of these games (links below), you’ll be glad you did:

Ski Safari from Defiant Development
was an Editor’s Choice app. (See screencap above.) It’s a side-scrolling, infinite run game where you play Sven, a crazy skier desperately trying to stay ahead of an oncoming avalanche. As you race down the steep slope, you can hop onto penguins and yetis, and get bonuses for performing stunts and unlocking achievements. Wacky, hilarious fun, and a lot of fans also love Ski Safari’s catchy background music, which I think is a big reason for its success.

You can see that love in the number of five star user ratings the game’s got — over 100,000 and counting. (Screencap above.) Speaking of which, we just added some China-themed content to Ski Safari for the latest update — for instance, now Sven has Chinese New Year-themed decorations on his house (screencap at right).

Onward to the other Yodo1-published titles! In Apple China’s What’s Hot category, two games are listed this week (see screencap below):

Magnet Boy by Mongol Content, a casual, physics-based puzzle game where your character has to collect stars and rebuild robots through the power of your magnetism. (Lots of aiming skills required!) iOS game review site Appbite called it “fresh and surprising… [and] Magnet Boy is a pretty lovable character”, which sounds right to me too.

Sky Beauty by Touch Ten, which is basically a first-person shooter set in World War II-era planes, with a
Charlie’s Angels-style twist, in that you play a badass female pilot, and there are different heroine pilots with
unique abilities and stats to choose from. Known by the title Infinite Sky in the West, the game got 4.5 stars from The iPhone App Review, calling it “simply superb” and “dogfighting gold.”

I’ll be talking more about some of these games in future posts, explaining how we readied them for the China
market. Meantime, congrats to the talented folks at Mongol Content, Touch Ten, and Defiant Development –
next time we get together, drinks are on you. :)

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