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Yodo1 Mobile Games: Now Played by 3 Million Chinese!

Oct 3, 2012 | By:

As of 3am today, exactly two months and 6 days after launching the first Yodo1 powered game in China, we’re proud to announce, Yodo1-published games have gained over 3 million active users and over 1 million sessions of Yodo1 games are being played daily. That’s counting Chinese players of HandyGames’ Clouds & Sheep, Robot Entertainment’s Hero Academy, and all our other partners’ kickass mobile titles in China’s Yodo1 mobile gaming network. Pretty good growth in a couple months – at the end of August, our games had just 1 million active users.

How’d we get so many players so fast? We’d love to take all the credit, but a lot of it has to do with how large the smartphone gaming market in China with close to 200 million iOS and Android phone owners in China, and more importantly, the excellent game titles from our game studio partners. So if you can get even a fraction of that audience, you’re talking a huge fricking playerbase.

For Yodo1, there’s at least three other important features we brought to the table, which are key to getting this kind of explosive growth: Integrating our partners’ games with Chinese social media (Sina Weibo and TenCent Weibo in particular) so they’re easy to share with friends, and our broad network of over 30 app distribution partners which bring Yodo1 powered games into the hands of Chinese gamers. We also think a big part of getting big in China is making Western mobile games more appealing to Chinese gamers, a topic I discussed in my latest guest post for Gamasutra.

We’re on track to break 10 million users before the year is out, so stay tuned for another milestone announcement.

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