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Yodo1 on Gamasutra Explains What Western Developers Need to Know About Chinese Gamers

Aug 28, 2012 | By:

By: Henry Fong

5 things every mobile game developer should know about Chinese players” is a guest editorial I wrote for Gamaustra this week, and it’s a huge honor to be featured on a site that’s so important to the game industry. Big thanks to Editor-in-Chief Kris Graft, for inviting me to write it. Here’s the five main points I make there:

1. Most of the top paid download games in China’s Apple App Store are from the West.
2. Chinese don’t like buying games — but they spend a lot within them.
3. Chinese gamers not only buy virtual upgrades — they brag about buying them.
4. MMOs on mobile are really popular in China.
5. China’s mobile gaming market is still a wild frontier — but there are ways for Western developers to protect themselves.

That last lesson, by the way, is explained in my previous post on this blog, ”How to Protect Your Android Game IP in China – Taming the Wild, Wild East of Smartphone Gaming”. Got questions for me about either one? Please post them below!

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