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Yodo1 on VentureBeat: How to Understand Mobile Advertising in China

Nov 21, 2012 | By:

VentureBeat has a new guest post by Henry Fong, our fearless leader and non-stop tech industry opionator, who gives readers of the essential Silicon Valley tech business blog a cheat sheet for understanding the basics of Chinese mobile advertising.

Henry’s five basic points:

    China’s ad market is segmented and still evolving.
    Banner ads and CPA/CPC campaigns rule in China; everything else is experimental or ineffective.
    The top monetizing mobile ads are consumer brands, and not other games (unlike in the West).
    Depending on optimization, the average Chinese eCPM ranges from 5 to 80 cents.
    While China’s mobile ad market is difficult to monetize, there are solutions.

Want to know more? Go here to get Henry’s whole download on Chinese mobile advertising.

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