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Carpet Bombing Creators Partner with Yodo1 to Increase Mobile Game Ad Revenue

Relying on in-app purchases, we were dealing with bots trying to increase ad revenue before we discovered Yodo1’s MAS.

Can two guys from opposite ends of the globe, who have never met, develop games together and achieve monetary success?

They sure can.

Meet Staffan and Philip, the people behind Synthetic Mind.

Staffan in Sweden is handling the coding, while Philip in Haiti is doing the graphics. What started as one man’s new year resolution resulted, six months later, in the release of the studio’s first title: Carpet Bombing. Carpet Bombing was so popular among fans that they soon called for more.

Philip joined with some fresh ideas, and together they recently launched the sequel: Carpet Bombing 2. Anyone can pick up this simple-to-control mobile game and get the hang of it instantly. However, the longer you play, the more you’ll find yourself challenged by tougher enemies—requiring you to upgrade your arsenal and skills.

Low eCPM, Minimal Ad Income and No Communication to Fix It

Despite their success,the team had quite a low eCPM, few ad views, and a generally low income from advertisements. Considering ad revenue a bonus, they relied mostly on in-app purchases. They tried a solution for increasing ad revenue but were unhappy with the lack of communication with the platform. “It was like dealing with a bot. I had little insight into how to improve my ad income, or how to improve other aspects of the game,” Staffan shares.

A Powerful System and Communicative Partner

By partnering with Yodo1 and our Managed Ad Services (MAS) platform, Synthetic Mind was able to increase ad revenue and better understand the value of ads and the techniques that go into making them effective. From one end, our AI-powered monetization system boosted the game’s eCPM. From the other, our MAS team helped the studio optimize their game by assessing the gameplay and giving ad design recommendations.

Synthetic Mind’s partnership with Yodo1 hasn’t stopped at MAS. At the moment, Carpet Bombing is being translated into multiple languages—including Chinese and Japanese—and our team is here to help ensure their success in these and other new markets.

“By reaching these new markets, and coupled with the new Carpet Bombing 2 title, we aim to double our income and expand our studio. We have some great ideas for new games we want to bring to the world!To any devs who share our goals, I would say: get in contact with Yodo1.”

“What I appreciate most about MAS is the highly motivated, dedicated team that not only supported us in greatly increasing our ad revenue but also provided suggestions on how to improve the overall game, as well as marketing advice and market insight.” –Staffan, Founder, Synthetic Mind