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MAS Gives Efez Games Time and Resources to Innovate

MAS Gives Efez Games Time and Resources to Innovate

Establishing monetization in China provides game studio with the edge they needed.

Jakub Pokorski already had a great deal of programming experience before taking an interest in mobile game creation, deciding to try out Unity 3D to see if he could make games with it. As many would agree, Unity 3D is a robust development engine popular amongst novices due to its user-friendly environment for gaming projects. And like many others in the industry, Jakub got a lot of satisfaction from creating his own virtual worlds and stories. The experiment was a turning point and a gateway to his future career and subsequent success.

In tandem with the launch of his first hit game, Case Opener, Jakub founded Efez Games in 2015 with a group of hobbyist friends. Their game went on to attract over five million players, and the talented team has not looked back since. “I love being
part of the games industry,” Jakub comments. “People in the gaming industry are chilled out, and it seems to me that most of them really like their jobs. More to the point, making mobile games requires a mix of different skills – programming, designing, drawing, marketing, etc. You meet a lot of very interesting people, and you can learn a lot.”


A Key to Business Growth

the developer and CEO acknowledged that creating a successful game is
not without its core challenges. One of the most urgent of which was the
need to optimize monetization. Many indie developers stumble in this
area of business through a lack of expertise, and Jakub’s primary
concern was the exhausting process of managing ad waterfalls and dealing
with multiple middlemen. They are notoriously tricky to set up and
difficult to optimize. A better solution was needed that would
streamline the process and save time and effort.


Personalized and Effective Service

An answer presented itself during a LinkedIn conversation with a Yodo1 MAS
team member, where Jakub learned that MAS uses a combination of AI and
human expertise to optimize performance. The solution eliminates the
need to set up price waterfalls manually, freeing up more time for
further game development. 

Jakub also discovered that besides
being a global solution, MAS could also be adjusted through the
company’s expert monetization team. Instead of a one-size-fits-all
unified solution, Yodo1’s system is configurable to meet the unique
demands of each market they were struggling to monetize.


MAS Provides the Freedom to Focus on New Projects

to MAS proved to be an inspired decision. It has optimized and
automated the management of their ad networks and provided access to
real-time performance tracking through a personal dashboard. Working
with mobile game creators to monetize in China is also something Yodo1
has a solid background in. 

Subsequently, the MAS customer success
team helped with game customization and translation services that
resulted in greater market penetration. MAS automation and additional
revenue from the Chinese marketplace have helped Efez Games grow. The
team now has more time and resources to focus on its two current
projects – launching Case Opener globally and developing their new game


Partner With the Best

Find out
how a personalized monetization strategy can benefit you. With Yodo1’s
MAS team in your corner, you are free to focus on what you do best – 
making great games!

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