About Us

Bringing the best games from around the world, to players around the world.

Established in November of 2011, Yodo1 is committed to discovering and promoting high quality games, both in China and on a global front. Our team prides itself on our ability to continuously provide unique and holistically beneficial services and experiences for players and developers.

Since its inception, Yodo1 has worked alongside more than 80 well known developers worldwide, independently and codependently producing and publishing hit mobile titles such as Ski Safari, Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede and Transformers: Earth Wars. Yodo1’s games have been played by over 1 billion people globally  

In 2015, Yodo1 expanded its focus to the PC games business, leading to the highly successful publishing partnership with Defiant Development for their games, Hand of Fate and Hand of Fate 2.

A Team of Experienced Achievement Hunters and Completionists

Yodo1 is home to a dedicated and enthusiastic full-spectrum company, including seasoned team-leading professionals from multinational technology enterprises across the globe. Our connections within the industry reinforce our solid reputation with leading organizations and influencers. As a result, we have established successful relationships with numerous social platforms and press outlets, and distribution and advertising channels.

Our Advantage is Your Advantage

Yodo1 is one of the very few publishers with global publishing success including the China market, the biggest and most complex market in the world. Our fortified and extensive relationships with distribution platforms like the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and hundreds of Chinese distribution and marketing partners ensure our partners gain the best coverage and return for their product.

Over the past 18 years, Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong has helped more than 60 Western technology companies successfully enter the Chinese market. Our outstanding experience is our key competitive advantage. Technical experts from Microsoft and other fortuitous companies, sales elites, and investors have brought with them a rich knowledge base, and work together to provide our partnerships with a significant strategic edge.

Our passion for our work comes from our passion for games, so whether the focus is a Chinese or global audience, your success is our priority.

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