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Starting on August 1, Apple China will delist all paid games and games containing IAP that do not have a valid ISBN.

As reported on Youxixinzhi, Apple China sent an email on July 8 to notify all developers with a mobile game on the country’s AppStore. 

The message from Apple China says: 

As you may know, Chinese law requires games to obtain an approval number from China’s National Press and Publication Administration. In order to keep your paid game or game with in-app purchases available on the App Store in China mainland, enter your approval number and supporting documentation in the App Information section of your game’s page in App Store Connect and submit an update to App Review by July 31. After July 31, your game will no longer be available on the App Store in China mainland until an approval number is provided with your next submission.

You can find the full text of the regulation and download the form required to apply for an approval number here for developers based in China mainland or here for developers based elsewhere.


With this message, Apple China makes the ultimatum to developers with paid games and titles with IAP official: obtain an ISBN before August 1 or be delisted.

For an overview of all requirements needed to obtain an ISBN license, check out the articles in our media room


Securing Your Success

The best step for developers to take today is partnering with a trusted Chinese publisher. Once you’re on your way to a valid ISBN, you can implement other changes to keep profiting in China’s abundant mobile gaming market.  

Along with the technical support to set up your local server, we will provide you with a China-required player ID registration system through our exclusive SDK—complete with UA tracking, local ad network monetization, and direct billing systems to collect revenue from all Android stores.  

Yodo1 is here to help you comply and profit in the world’s largest market for mobile games. Contact us at so we can help you get your game on in China.


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