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Sales Operations Specialist/ 销售运营专员

Location: Remote from Anywhere


As a Yodo1 Sales Operations Specialist, you’ll play a key role in supporting and optimizing the sales workflow and systems for the company.


Here’s what you’ll do day to day

  • Collaborate closely with the OPP BD teams in operations: You support operations by creating and updating sales revenue and pipeline reports, organizing meetings, taking meeting minutes and managing our data storage solution – keeping folder & document systems structured and up to date.
  • Manage our CRM system with full responsibility: You overlook and improve current sales workflows, ensure data accuracy and align CRM integrations with internal and 3rd party platforms.
  • Participate in and lead cross-team operations projects: You will work in diverse teams on solutions and improvements for sales-related processes and tools. Ideate and brainstorm together, set project timelines, communicate with stakeholders and make an impact on your project.
  • Provide training on CRM and other company tools: Coordinate and conduct Customer Relationship Management training and offer technical support to English-speaking teams with Chinese-English translations where needed.
  • Lead the continuous training of the MAS sales team: You will be the success-critical development driver in our MAS sales team. Reliably coordinate and host regular sales training, structure and provide related information and deliver successful onboarding plans for new sales representatives.


Here’s what we’re looking for

  • Bachelor’s Degree – You mastered a firm logical thinking ability and can deal with information from various sources efficiently and effectively.
  • One plus years working experience – You have a clear business sense, are a quick learner and know how to manage and prioritize your own time while working under pressure and tight timelines.
  • You worked with an international team or lived overseas as well as in China both for more than one year – You are independent, proactive and open-minded. You can relate to Chinese as well as overseas culture. Strong communication skills enable you to coordinate and mediate across teams in a multi-cultural working environment.
  • Great English and Chinese (HSK5 or above) conversational and written communication skills – You’re going to be working with our international sales team and our product teams located in China. You are a communication bridge, and you need to prove that.
  • You can work from Beijing or remote in Beijing time – Residence in Beijing is preferred (work visa can be provided).


You’ll excel in this role if

  • Sales or Sales operations background is a plus, 1-3-year experience preferred – You have experience with Customer Relationship Management software and Business Intelligence tools, you are detail-oriented and organized with a strategic and analytical mindset
  • You are flexible regarding your working hours accommodating time zone differences and company needs
  • You don’t believe in settling, you find ways to overachieve and keep improving – and when we ask you to share a story on how you’ve done this before, you’ll have a hard time thinking of just one since there are so many
  • Your ability to learn and your passion for games & gaming industry is off the charts and you are hungry for more
  • You thrive in innovative and challenging startup environments – we pivot quickly, we abhor bureaucracy and fixed org structures, and if we spot a problem, we fix it…today


You’ll Get to

  • Live on the front lines of the global and Chinese gaming industry, being a personal part of rocket-ship growth of this exciting market.
  • Grow daily. We’re a continuous feedback organization. Every meeting, ever interaction results in deliberately developmental feedback for each team member
  • Realize your potential. Have the chance to take actively part in company internal weekly trainings and events, pitch your ideas to the management team and challenge yourself to your limits.
  • Live the start-up lifestyle. Experience honest, constructive, straightforward communication. Free fruits and drinks. Flexible working hours. And be paid on the value you bring to the organization.


To apply for this position­­

  • Submit a customized 1-page CV that clearly demonstrates those aspects of your education and work history that directly align to the skills and behavior requirements listed above.
  • To get fast-tracked for an interview submit along with your CV at least one of the following choosing the more challenging language (English or Chinese):
  1. Maximum 2-minute video clip on your working experience in an international team or multi-cultural environment, the challenges you faced, what you learned from it and how this helped you to succeed in similar circumstances.
  2. Maximum 300-word answer to this question: When was a time you solved an issue with another person, client or team demonstrating great initiative, communication skills and outside-the-box thinking. Tell us about it and how you solved it.
  • Only complete applications will be considered.


Join us in Yodo1 and send us your application to!




  • 负责协调产品、开发、测试、商务及运营等部门的资源,保证产品和项目顺利进行;

  • 负责整理和规划产品及商务部门提出的项目需求;

  • 配合产品部门管理整个项目生命周期,尤其是项目进度、需求变更、风险控制;

  • 配合其它部门和小组制定相关流程规范,以及执行及优化。


  • 计算机相关专业专科(含)以上学历;

  • 二年以上的相关行业经验;

  • 具备项目管理的经验,熟悉项目管理方法;

  • 有良好的沟通、理解、组织协调能力,责任心强,善于积极解决和反馈问题,能在较大

  • 熟练使用Office、SVN等工具。







  • 负责将公司游戏在规定时间内正常上线至各个广告平台,并进行维护、更新(开关控制、屏蔽等);

  • 通过A/B测试,统计和分析游戏的各项核心变现数据指标,为变现策略的优化提供数据依据,持续提升变现效率;

  • 根据实际广告变现需求提出产品形态的优化建议及方案,并推动产品、技术等合作团队按时完成广告变现需求,不断迭代优化产品;

  • 调研广告变现平台(聚合),掌握广告变现策略最新动态,并输出可执行的优化方案;

  • 对外与广告平台对接,对内与相关部门沟通,共同实现提升广告变现收入的目标。


  • 本科及以上学历,一年以上移动互联网工作经验,有广告变现或广告投放相关经验优先;

  • 数据敏感、逻辑清晰,能够根据变现数据挖掘问题并提出策略优化的方向和思路;

  • 善于沟通和团队合作,具备良好的计划、组织、执行能力,并推动跨部门合作;

  • 学习能力强,自我驱动力强,工作热情高,做事细心负责,能够独立思考和主动发现问题、解决问题、目标导向,可适应较高强度的工作;

  • 英语六级及以上,有海外工作或学习经历者优先。





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