Since an announcement in February highlighting the need for paid games and titles containing in-app purchases on China’s App Store to have a valid ISBN, Apple has been silent on the subject.

Now, after the fated first of July,  there is finally proof of the enforcement: new paid games and titles containing in-app purchases will indeed require a valid ISBN.


Existing games with in-app purchases won’t be able to update and will be subject to delisting.


According to GameLook, a leading media outlet in China’s mobile gaming industry, 1500 games have already been delisted from the platform—with reasons ranging from lack of ISBN to the absence of a player ID registration system.

If you’re worried that this will affect your titles, Yodo1 is here to help. With more than eight years of experience navigating Chinese regulations, our gaming services platform can help you sail through the storm and come out on top. 

China, with more than 600 million players, remains the world’s biggest market for mobile games. To speed up the 9-12 months process of obtaining an ISBN and get your game ready for release, here are the changes you should start implementing right away.


Necessary Changes: What We Know Now 

With Apple’s confirmed enforcement and the Chinese government imposing stricter rules on mobile games, those who want to enter or stay in the market will have to get serious about compliance. 

Changes that will be required to be eligible for an ISBN include:


Implications for Developers

As reported by GameLook, any mobile titles with in-app purchases that do not have a valid ISBN by June 30 will not be able to process payments from players. 

Furthermore, the new regulations cite fines for such games—with the highest penalty being ten times the amount of any illegal income. At the close of 2019,  a Chinese game developer had to pay a fine equivalent to seven times his revenue.

What remains unclear is whether mobile games that monetize only with ads will still be permitted. Further testing will be needed to confirm this; Yodo1 will publish an update on the matter as soon as it can be verified.


Securing Your Success

The best step for developers to take today is partnering with a trusted Chinese publisher. Once you’re on your way to a valid ISBN, you can implement other changes to keep profiting in China’s abundant mobile gaming market.  

Along with the technical support to set up your local server, we will provide you with a China-required player ID registration system through our exclusive SDK—complete with UA tracking, local ad network monetization, and direct billing systems to collect revenue from all Android stores.  

Yodo1 is here to help you comply and profit in the world’s largest market for mobile games. Contact us at so we can help you get your game on in China.


About Yodo1

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