Defiant Development Launches Hand of Fate 2 DLC: Outlands & Outsiders

Defiant have been at it again, and as per usual they’ve provided a gloriously engrossing gameplay experience. Outlands & Outsiders is the first DLC for Hand of Fate 2 and comes with a tasty array of new content:

  • NEW Challenge: The Mapmaker – There are places where the boundaries between life and death grow thin. None but the foolish or desperate would approach these gateways, but if you would change what has gone before, you must venture to the lands where even the gods have died – the Mournful Wastes.
  • NEW Companion: Hubie the Orphan – this mischievous goblin will vex your foes.
  • NEW Companion Quest: Grave prophecy haunts Hubie the Orphan. Can he prevent a terrible calamity and restore his place in goblin society?
  • NEW Encounter and Equipment Cards to unlock.

To check out the full DLC description and download, head on over to the official Steam store page.


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