On July 12, the European Union passed a new regulation, numbered 2019/1150, on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services.

One of the new EU laws stipulates that app stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play will no longer have the right to remove apps or games from the shelves without explanation. Before being removed from the shelves, the platforms will have to issue a statement 30 days in advance to inform developers why their games need to be removed. During this buffer period, developers will have the right to an appeal or have the possibility to apply the required changes.

Changes in the Terms and Conditions will also need to be notified to all developers 30 days prior.

Among the different laws enforced, there’s also one requiring that listing rules and search ranking rules be completely transparent to developers. Small developers will have an easier time determining their App Store Optimization strategy this way, having a better chance to rank higher.

In terms of transparency, rules in how small and big publishers are supposedly treated differently will also have to be public, and general guidelines for what data the platforms access and collect from developers, publishers, and users will have to be provided.

A general summary of the complete regulation can be found here.

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