Their fun and casual games have garnered more than 20 million downloads worldwide.

The Challenge:

Great Exposure, Stunted Revenue

Protostar needed a partner with local expertise who could help them
better understand the market and increase ad revenue in China
through local ad networks.

When the Protostar team put Super Starfish on the Chinese market, they got featured on the Apple China App Store and enjoyed some great exposure.

However, they were struggling to capitalize on and monetize this traffic.

The Solution:

A Partner Who Understands China and Ads

Before MAS, Protostar worked with several advertising agencies, but it wasn’t until
they connected with Yodo1 that the studio found the partner they were looking for.

With Managed Ad Services (MAS) platform,
Yodo1’s monetization team helped Protostar
improve their in-game ad placements and suggested better ways to localize the game for China.

“In Yodo1, we found a partner who understands and
provides a pipeline into local Chinese advertising.

Plus, they improve the gaming experience for our
Chinese players
and strengthen our bottom line.”
—Michael Dobele, Protostar Product Manager

Partner for Success

“China is a huge market that we’re still not capitalizing on enough with our games.
We’re looking forward to continually improving that with Yodo1.”

The Protostar team is now looking forward to greater success with another Yodo1 partnership:
releasing Sling Kong into China’s booming H5 games market.

Michael Dobele, Protostar Product Manager

“The Yodo1 team has been fantastic to work with.
It’s great when you have a partner who cares as much
as you do about making a great game.
They provide not only a great
advertising platform but a skilled team to help you
improve gameplay and ad design.”

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