BEIJING, China, May 2, 2020 – Founded in March 2016, the yoli education platform is a technology-driven solution for on-demand learning in a fast-paced world. Its three co-founders launched the unique cloud-based solution delivered natively in WeChat, building a community of nearly 5,000 online tutors, more than 100,000 active students, and close to two million subscribers worldwide. In four years of operation, yoli has propelled its learners and teachers forward in their pursuit of excellence and new opportunities in the English and Chinese languages.

As the co-founder of yoli as well as Yodo1, serial entrepreneur James LaLonde has been driving the growth of both companies by building high-powered teams that excel at scaling businesses. With the needs and growth trajectory of Yodo1 intensifying, James and his co-founding partner Henry Fong, CEO of Yodo1, have decided to absorb the yoli team’s technical know-how to further accelerate Yodo1’s growth. As of June 1, 2020, James LaLonde, Luke Priddy, and Terry Wang will join Yodo1 on a full-time basis.

James LaLonde will formally take on the role of Chief Revenue Officer, fully devoting his time to accelerating revenue growth via the platform product suite he commercialized. Since 2019, James has driven all of Yodo1’s new offerings—growing Yodo1’s platform business from zero to more than 30% of total revenue in two years’ time. These new offerings include using AI to auto-optimize the advertising and IAP revenue in games and reinventing the way that top global brands engage with game publishers to drive revenue and downloads—all with a mindset of helping game developers monetize better. And there are a host of other offerings still in the pipeline. Thanks to James’ leadership, Yodo1 expects the platform business to contribute 50% of its revenue in the next year. 

James LaLonde, Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer, Yodo1 and Co-Founder, CEO of yoli

“Yodo1 has a culture of entrepreneurship and we encourage people to pursue new ideas and start new businesses. yoli was a project started four years after co-founding Yodo1 with Henry.  The sharing economy was on the rise and I wanted to prove that we could build a WeChat based platform product that matched language learners to language teachers on-demand in a fashion similar to Uber or Didi. In particular, being infinitely scalable and having great customer satisfaction was the challenge we gave ourselves as the founding team. Another goal was to be profitable from the day we launched the service. We accomplished all of that. What we learned I chronicled in my book, The Tao of Startups which is available in both English and Chinese. Our accomplishments at yoli have given us a completely new set of skills to apply at Yodo1. I feel great about bringing my two A-teams together to scale Yodo1 to its full potential”


Luke Priddy is an expert in developing courseware, learning management systems (LMS), and scalable training processes. As head of curriculum content and teachers at yoli, he oversaw the creation of content for over a thousand unique lessons while developing systems for rapid teacher onboarding, community-based quality control, and backend analytics. At Yodo1, his focus will be developing an ultra-scalable online training and certification system for the platform product line. This will enable Yodo1 to reach 300,000+ developers in the game ecosystem and accelerate the adoption of our products over the next two years.

Luke Priddy, Co-Founder, and Head of Curriculum and Teachers, yoli  

“I couldn’t be more excited to bring all the learning and innovation we’ve achieved at yoli into a company that embraces the cutting edge in another market space. This is a new chapter for me and I’m chomping at the bit to keep pushing the envelope at Yodo1.”


Terry Wangs achievements as a backend developer for Yodo1 led him to co-found yoli in 2016. As head of platform development and technical support, Terry was instrumental in developing a system to integrate top English learning platforms—enabling the yoli platform’s expansion into both B2C and B2B markets. Returning to Yodo1, Terry will leverage his expertise to establish the cloud backend and front-end dashboard of our Managed Ad Services (MAS) monetization platform and increase its efficiency.

Terry Wang, Head of Platform Development and Technical Support, yoli

“I believe the scalable methodologies I created at yoli can reach their full potential in the platform James, Henry, and the Yodo1 team have been building. I’m eager to work on a platform with this much reach and scope. Having started my career at Yodo1, this is like coming home.” 


Yodo1 gladly welcomes these key players to the company, with confidence that their contributions will accelerate our growth in the gaming industry.


About Yodo1

Yodo1 is a game platform company that helps developers better market, manage, and monetize their games. Our AI-powered tools and global expertise in areas such as mobile advertising, community management, and digital IP licensing enable partners to increase playtime, revenue, and retention. Our vision is to open the world of gaming success to anyone with the talent to develop. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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