Keplerians can now spend more time developing games while having
a monetization team improving their daily ad revenue.

Kiseki Games

“Integration was straightforward and painless. Yodo1 was constantly on call
to address any kind of issue we ran into”

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Banjiha Games

“The reason to use MAS is simple: quickly maintain a high eCPM—in
our case, almost ten times higher than before.”

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                                                                        “MAS did more than sustain the game: its optimized monetization strategy increased mobile game ad revenue by three times, tripling eCPM on Android and doubling it on iOS.”

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Synthetic Mind

“The MAS team not only increased our ad revenue but also provided suggestions
on how to improve the overall game, as well as marketing advice and market insight.”

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“In Yodo1, we found a partner who provides a pipeline into Chinese advertising,
while improving the gaming experience for our Chinese players”

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Sweaty Chair

“Yodo1’s game optimization team also gave us in-
game and app store suggestions to increase ad
impression and retention”


“When we launched Mr. Meat with MAS in July,
we were blown away by how much more money
we could make. Just 10 days in, we were looking
at a 74% increase in daily revenue”


LBC Studios Inc.

By having players become community moderators and running weekly events,
Hempire fostered an active community helping promote the game and create great
shareable content


Making use of KTplay’s live-ops toolset, Rodeo
Stampede enhanced their marketing efforts by
deeplinking between the in-game store and
community, increasing sales by 11%


Soul Knight made players directly participate in
the creation of in-game content, by running a
“create your skin” event that resulted in more
than 2,000 submissions

Transformers Earth Wars (China)

The onboarding experience often determines
your D1 retention. Transformers: Earth Wars
increased their D1 retention by leveraging their
in-game community, helping new players join


Realizing almost 80% of their spenders were
actively engaging in the community hub,
Flaregames used direct player feedback from the
playerbase to improve their monetization


MiniPlay Inc

By integrating Transformers, one of the most loved and recognized brands
in China, Mini World has sold more than 360,000 character skins in 3


Featherweight Games

The Featherweight & Yodo1 partnership has allowed each party to
focus on what we each do best, with the Yodo1 team spending the
bulk of their efforts on live ops, distribution and promotion
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