Inaugural Yodo1 Game Competition Celebrates Creativity and Talent

Inaugural Yodo1 Game Competition Celebrates Creativity and Talent

Here at Yodo1, our primary goal is to empower every game creator, wherever they are, helping them better monetize their games and build a career out of their creativity. In 2021 alone, over 5000 new games started using our MAS monetization SDK to do just that.

The talent on display has been so exciting for us that we decided to provide a platform to reward this ingenuity and bring some of these games to a broader audience by launching our first mobile game developers’ competition.

The contest, which ran from November 15 through to December 15, saw over 125 developers entering a total of 250 games across four categories in a bid to secure the USD$1000 grand prize and competing for  four $500 category prizes. Entry was free, with the only requirement being that games used Yodo1’s MAS monetization solution. In addition to recognition and cash awards, all winners would be eligible to enter a dedicated accelerated program and receive individual coaching from our publishing team on taking their games to the next level, making them even more successful.

Entries were judged across four primary gaming criteria: gameplay, game design, music, and innovation in monetization strategy, with a winner in each category and the grand prize awarded to the game that scored the highest overall.

“We created this competition to celebrate the talent and creativity of our developers,” said Riccardo Russo, Head of Growth Marketing at Yodo1. “We chose these four specific categories because these are the key factors that can bring success to independent game developers. If you, as a developer, are always thinking about and improving these four elements, your chances of success are much higher, so we wanted to highlight that in our competition.”

Riccardo further noted that the panel of judges was impressed with the overall quality and variety of entries. “There’s always room for improvement, of course, but the standard was very high. Yodo1 firmly believes that indie game developers, with their creativity and fresh ideas, are the future of this industry and as such, is committed to supporting them in every way possible. Helping developers get the feedback they need from their players and the market, so they can turn their hobby into a sustainable business, is a skill set that should be available to everyone.”

With so many top talents on display, choosing the winners seemed impossible. The team went through multiple rounds of revision to arrive at a final decision.

Grand Prize Winner: Sakura Scary School Teacher 3D, by Flash Point, was an extremely original game idea, with all four key categories well implemented within it–staying a step ahead of the scary teacher who’s after you. It was well-balanced and well well-thought-out—most importantly—it was fun to play, keeping us glued to our screens. That’s the highest compliment you can give a game! If you love anime and your idea of a good game is one with jumps and scares, we think you’ll love this, too.

In addition to excelling in their selected areas, our four category winners were great games, too:

Best Graphics: The Run of Spirits by Ascora. With fantastic artwork and ghostly spirits making appearances, this game is a unique visual experience. Our judges loved the experience of playing as both the girl and wolf spirit characters.  

Best Gameplay: The Wanderer – Project Survival by JmPrsh. For the player who dreams of adventures in a post-apocalyptic world! With multiple maps to explore in this game, there’s never a dull moment. 

Best Music: Walwulf: Wulcan Walwulf by Rise Universe Studios. Is anything better than a quest to restore an ancient kingdom, all set to an immersive soundtrack? This game had us reaching for our swords and setting off to adventure!

Best Monetization: Jumbot: The Bouncy Robot by Xtranger Games. In this entertaining and engaging game your character jumps over and around obstacles–and there’s a dance party when you finish every level!

The fun-filled awards event, which was streamed live on Zoom with participants from over 20 countries, celebrated the creativity, innovation and passion of all who participated.

Stay tuned–more competitions like this are coming in 2022, and we’d love for you to be a part of them.

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