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The Business of Mobile Gaming and Growth

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The multi-billion-dollar mobile gaming industry has far outpaced traditional entertainment, already bringing in three times more revenue than Hollywood. And the gaming industry remains on a fast track, with revenue to hit 160 billion US dollars in 2020 and 180 billion in 2021.

In the next decade, we believe that most of mobile game revenue growth will come from small, independent developers.

However, in our highly competitive marketplace, great code, gameplay, and design are no guarantee of success: understanding the business fundamentals is a must for making money with mobile games.

Turning a title into a revenue-generating hit takes expertise in marketing, community, and monetization, plus a whole lot of testing.

That’s why we created the Business of Mobile Gaming Master Class.


Introducing BoMG, for Everyone Who Loves Games

Over the past nine years, we have learned how to make games profitable the hard way. Now our experience is distilled in one simple course, designed to teach developers how to turn their games into their livelihood.

Not a developer? Not a problem. The gaming industry needs marketers, community managers, and economists as much as we need coders and designers! Starting with this course, anyone with a passion for gaming can find a place and earn money in the games business.

Free Course: The Business of Mobile Gaming

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What You’ll Learn  

Open to everyone who wants to learn how to make a living with games, this free online course contains 2 hours of video lectures, divided over four sections and covering the core topics of game marketing, community management, monetization, and careers.


Course Syllabus

  1. Marketing:

  • Getting Featured by App Stores

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Community Viral Marketing

  • User Acquisition

  1. Community Management:

  • Building a Community

  • Increasing Player Engagement

  1. Monetization:

  • Choosing Between IAP and Ads

  • How to Design a Game Economy

  • How to Run Ads with High eCPMs

  1. Careers:

  • Business Roles in the Industry

  • How to Land your Dream Job

Besides the Yodo1 Education platform, the Business of Mobile Gaming course will also be available in the coming weeks on Udemy, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, and Coursera.

Any business of games student who takes the course on our platform will receive a certificate of completion, opening up the possibility to work with Yodo1 on a part-time or full-time basis.


About Your Instructor

Henry Fong, co-founder and CEO of Yodo1, will be your instructor in the business of games. A veteran technologist and international business strategist with 18 years of leadership experience, Henry has always been a gaming nerd.

He was twelve when he played his first video game—on a Commodore 64 computer. Now a successful serial entrepreneur, Henry has devoted himself to the Yodo1 mission of helping developers around the world turn their games into scalable businesses. 


Sign up for the Business of Mobile Games Master Class today!

Once you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to a dynamic course—with new lessons added as the industry evolves. All you need to bring is your passion for games!


About Yodo1

Yodo1 is a game platform company that helps developers better market, manage, and monetize their games. Our AI-powered tools and global expertise in areas such as mobile advertising, community management, and digital IP licensing enable partners to increase playtime, revenue, and retention. Our vision is to open the world of gaming success to anyone with the talent to develop. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.