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Keplerians Success With MAS Continues: Evil Nun Gets Rich

Keplerians Success With MAS Continues_Evil Nun Gets Rich

Keplerians is a successful indie developer team from the Basque Country in Spain. Characterized by success in the horror genre, their impressive array of titles has amassed more than 30 million downloads.

After seeing a 156% revenue increase in Mr. Meat, Keplerians quickly opted to integrate our Managed Ad Services (MAS) into their even larger Evil Nun—an adventure game where players have to escape a homicidal sister of the cloth.

Evil Nun, Positively Diabolical With Optimized Ads


Evil Nun, Positively Diabolical With Optimized Ads

Building and expanding partnerships with developers around the world is what Yodo1 is all about—and it’s one of our greatest joys when a partner like the Keplerians team decides to work with us on more of their games.

“The results we saw with MAS in Mr. Meat were crazy—much better than expected—and the Yodo1 team was so helpful throughout that building MAS into our bigger game was a no-brainer. We moved right away, to coincide with the next Evil Nun update.” – Keplerians

“Yodo1’s Ad Ops team gave us some recommendations on how to better design our rewarded videos. In truth, we’d been thinking about some of these changes ourselves, prior to partnering with Yodo1. Their recommendations gave us the confidence to jump in and make it happen. And we’re very happy we did! The results were astounding.” – Keplerians

MAS boosted Evil Nun’s revenue by 104% on iOS and 24% on Android, for a total increase of 60%. What’s more interesting is that this revenue boost took place with almost no changes to total DAU—which increased by 2%, or total impressions—which saw a 1% decline.

Suiting Evil Nun up with MAS and revitalizing the game with new ad designs have proven more than successful, but Yodo1’s job of advancing ad performance is far from over. As we learn more about Evil Nun’s players, we will continue maximizing its ad revenue.

Partner For Success


Keplerians hasn’t stopped at only two ad-optimized games. Not long after having integrated MAS into Mr. Meat and Evil Nun, they decided to build it into a recently released game titled Ice Scream.

“We needed someone we could trust to manage our ads, and in Yodo1 we found the partner we’d been looking for. Now we can focus more time on developing our games, all the while knowing we’ve got a professional team working to improve our ad revenue.” – Keplerians

At Yodo1, we take pride in partnering with and co-driving the success of games such as Evil Nun. By helping them generate more ad revenue, our team has been able to free up solid chunks of the devs’ time. This allows them to focus on what they do best: entertaining players with their creative genius.

Get in touch to find out how our tried-and-proven MAS formula can elevate your game.