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Last Fortress: Underground Welcomes “The Boys” to the Post-Apocalypse

It was an epic fusion of universes as Last Fortress: Underground and hit series The Boys collided in a collaboration that packed a brutal punch. From July 31st to August 28th, the survival game, Last Fortress: Underground, embarked on its first-ever collaboration event, rewarding players with a wild, bold, and bloody gaming experience.

Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell, and Starlight, three iconic characters from The Boys, arrived in the post-apocalyptic world of Last Fortress: Underground. Players got to fight alongside the well-loved series characters and help investigate the truth behind Vought’s conspiracy.

IP Licensing crossovers in games - Last-Fortress-Underground-Welcomes-The-Boys

The event was facilitated by YODO1 LTD in collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products (SPCP). Yodo1 worked closely with SPCP to ensure a seamless integration of the game with The Boys’ branding standards, narrative elements, and content integration.

With over 10 years in the mobile gaming industry and extensive experience in both publishing and IP licensing, Yodo1 is uniquely qualified to ensure the success of an event like this. Ultimately, all the assets came together for players to experience an epic, cinematic clash with the zombie horde.