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Looking for a Career in Gaming? Dive Into the Gaming Industry by Earning Your MAS BD Certification


The gaming industry is fast growing with no signs of slowing down, but it can also tend to be hard to break into for outsiders.

At Yodo1, we believe that everybody should be empowered to benefit from the unlimited opportunities within the rapidly growing gaming industry. For this reason,  we launched “The Business of Mobile Gaming,” a course teaching the basics of this industry to thousands of students across the world. As we did, we discovered that many were keen to join the gaming industry, but did not know how to without having the right technical background–and so our Managed Ad Services or MAS BD REP course was born. 

Learn how it’s done with our MAS BD Rep course

Our MAS BD Rep course is for you if you want to learn more about the gaming industry and start earning money. If you complete and pass this certification, you will be able to join Yodo1’s remote workforce and start reaching out to game developers to explain how Managed Ad Services (MAS) and the Yodo1 team can help them to maximize their ad revenue, helping turn hobbies into scalable businesses that they can pursue as a career. 

What will you learn from this course? Not only everything you need to know about MAS and how to share it with developers, but transferable skills for successful sales outreach, how to connect with developers all around the world and grow your network, and how to get into the gaming industry without a technical background. It’s a valuable skill set which can kickstart your career in tech.

Through this program, we have already enabled participants from Argentina to Pakistan to achieve financial independence and launch their careers in an industry that has historically been hard to crack.

What does this look like in real-world terms? 

“I found out about Yodo1 on Facebook. I was scrolling through my feed when I saw a video of Marina talking about the MAS BD certification course. I was actually hooked by the title, “Want to kickstart your career in the gaming industry?”, as I had been wanting to gain more experience in this area. Since joining the Legion Program, I’ve learned all about game development, the business end of the industry and the importance of a strong and effective monetization strategy. Developing relationships with developers around the world as well as my teammates has been a real highlight, too.  My most interesting experience would have to be the reaction from the Legion Program after closing my first few deals. The recognition and encouragement creates a great atmosphere for growth and fires up the desire to break barriers and go beyond one’s limits.” – Seyi Bruce

Launch yourself into the gaming industry

And it’s not just about MAS! The skills that our Game Growth Specialists learn while working at Yodo1 will allow anybody who joins this program to launch their career in the gaming and tech industry overall. It’s a market that is expanding by leaps and bounds—not only has it not been significantly impacted by the pandemic, it has grown and thrived, with no signs of stopping! In fact, gaming is currently the top earner in the entertainment and media world—pulling in more than music, movies, or TV. 

After completing the course and corresponding submissions and passing certification, you’ll be eligible to join Yodo1’s remote staff, working from anywhere and earning on every deal you make, plus bonuses! And you won’t be on your own—we’ve got a welcoming, active community ready to help you succeed.

If you’re interested in going even further in the world of gaming, there’s even the possibility of full-time employment with Yodo1, for those who fit in well with our culture and achieve outstanding results. If you’re motivated, self-driven and a hard worker, there’s really no limit to how far you can go with us!

Is this for you?

We are looking for the best talent to join the ranks of our remote workforce and build a flexible and independent career while pursuing the lifestyle of their dreams. If this sounds like you, click here to learn more or sign up to our course today!