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Ovaplay Finds Ideal Monetization Solution in MAS

Ovaplay Finds Ideal Monetization Solution in MAS

Nigerian developer Ovaplay Interactive loves the quick payments and easy-to-integrate SDK

Lukmon Agboola fell in love with video games so much that he began making them over a decade ago. He started Ovaplay Interactive in late 2016 with the goal of turning his passion into a full time career.
People Stickman Playground 3D was his first game to gain traction, and since then he has developed 20 other games in the last five years.

Slow Payments a Major Issue

As a small, indie game developer based in Nigeria, Lukmon was not able to find a monetization partner with favorable payment terms; with his previous partner, he had to wait for two months after the revenue was generated to actually receive it. 

Having to wait so long to be paid was a massive challenge, and MAS’s Quickpay system, in addition to being user-friendly, is also prompt and regular; developers receive payments ten days after the end of the month, with no further waiting. It made such a difference that Lukmon did not think twice about
integrating it into People Stickman Playground 3D. 

MAS is exactly what I wanted!”

Other challenges Lukmon experienced were monetization partners’ poor support and long SDK integration times. Yodo1 offers quick support to all its partners regardless of their size and country of origin. “What I really love about working with Yodo1 is a great support,” explains Lukmon as to why he has enjoyed working with Yodo1. Other SDKs were complicated to install, which put enormous strain on the small team. MAS’ SDK is an all-in-one bundle, with easy-to-follow integration guides and ongoing support. With innovative plugins for Unity such as the no-code Unity plugin, Yodo1 is constantly optimizing the developers’ onboarding experience, a streamlined process that allows developers like Lukmon to focus on what they do best – making great games!

The usage of MAS not only reduced the payment cycle time but also increased Stickman Playground 3D’s total revenue is by 10% and Lukmon is confident about incorporating MAS in games that the studio will develop in the future.

Partner with the best!

Do these issues resonate with you? Do you think your payment terms could be a lot better? Do you need a monetization partner that offers you quick, customized services, regardless of where you are located? Get in touch today at to learn how!