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Prompt Payments No Fees_MAS Increases Studio Revenue By 50

Prompt Payments, No Fees: MAS Increases Studio Revenue By 50%!

Monetization with MAS puts DevX Studios on the path to success

Muhammad Asad Imran was awaiting the results of his 12th standard exams when his career path took an unexpected turn in the spring of 2020. University admissions were delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and he had a lot of free time–that’s when the idea of creating a game studio took shape. 

“Instead of wasting time,” his cousin suggested, “why not make mobile games and put them on the app stores? It is, after all, one of the few things we could do for free with the potential to make money.” Asad liked the idea, and the duo decided there and then to rent an office and get to work. Their new journey in the mobile games industry commenced on March 1st, with the launch of DevX Studios.

 Wire Transfer Fees with Previous Ad Network were Costly

Their bold move into mobile games was an excellent decision, providing them access to a fantastic community of like-minded people with high-level experience that could help them learn the ropes. 

However, after releasing their first game, DevX encountered monetization problems using different ad networks. “All the big platforms like Admob, Applovin, and Unity Ads paid us small amounts of revenue at varying times. It was a challenge for us,” Asad explained. 

Family Member’s Glowing Recommendation Leads to MAS

A promising solution to their monetization issues appeared after hearing a trusted relative, who also has a mobile games studio, sing the praises of Yodo1’s MAS, explaining how it deals directly with all the primary ad networks and mediators and had excellent ad revenue compared to other options.

On learning this, Asad, now the Marketing Manager and CEO of DevX, integrated the MAS SDK with their Scary Spooky Evil Teacher 3D horror game. The process was easy compared to other ad companies the studio had tried. Better yet, Yodo1 provided a personal manager to work with them directly whenever they needed help. “That’s the amazing thing about Yodo1,” Asad comments. “I can share any problem with the MAS team, and they will work with me to resolve it straight away.” 

“Installing MAS Increased our Revenue by 50%!”

The trial was a great success. A significant boost in income persuaded DevX Studios to move all their apps onto MAS, resulting in a 50% increase in total revenue compared to their previous solution. “Revenue generation on Admob was slow,” explains Asad. “They also impose ad limits and additional transaction fees, or or have hidden charges which reduce overall income. Yodo1’s MAS does not. It sends us the entire revenue earned in one timely payment each month. Knowing we can reach out to our very experienced account manager anytime is particularly reassuring. All in all, we are completely satisfied with Yodo1 services.”

DevX now had the resources to expand its team of developers and designers, resulting in improvements in game quality and production that have helped the company level up. The team is now working on new titles in high trending categories on the app stores and anticipates a prosperous future in the years ahead.   

“If you are Not Using Yodo1’s Monetization Services, I Strongly Recommend You Do to Get the Best Game Revenue.” -Muhammad Asad Imran, CEO and Marketing Manager – DevX Studios

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