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Insider Secrets: The Winning UA Strategies
of Leading Publishers

UA Strategies Used by Top Publishers

Are you curious to know how top gaming publishers attract millions of new players to their games using user acquisition (UA) strategies? In this exclusive on-demand webinar, “Insider Secrets: The Winning UA Strategies of Leading Publishers,” our team of UA experts will take you on a deep dive into the most effective tactics used by the best in the business.

Here's a peek into what you will learn:

The key activities and roles of a UA team


Challenges of running UA campaigns in 2023


A simpler, faster way to ramp up UA and grow your game with Yodo1

Luke Priddy

Luke Priddy is the Head of Education at Yodo1 and is dedicated to sharing the company’s deep expertise in the gaming industry far and wide. With a background in curriculum design and content strategy, Luke works on producing high-impact learning materials. To date, that includes Yodo1’s Business of Mobile Gaming and ASO courses.

Nadiia Marchynska

Nadiia is the Head of Games Marketing and UA at Yodo1 Games. With a specialization in performance advertising, she excels at using data-driven insights to create optimized marketing strategies that drive business growth. Nadiia has a proven track record of delivering strong ROAS results by leveraging cross-functional collaboration, data analysis, and ad-serving optimization across various advertising platforms for mobile apps and brand websites..

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