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First Time Developer Takes it to the Next Level With MAS

First Time Developer Takes it to the Next Level With MAS

Learn how thinking outside the box helped solo developer Frank Eno create great escape room games and monetize his career.

Like many developers before him, Frank Eno’s passion for the games he played in his youth greatly influenced his decision to pursue a full-time career in the industry. His road to success started as recently as 2020. Many years of playing escape room games provided all the tools the rookie developer needed to have a go at building his own. Subsequently, Frank’s first effort under the XScoder brand came to life.

Dark Rooms is a succession of puzzles requiring players to think out of the box to open doors, advance, and move on to the next level. With its entertaining graphics and chilling atmosphere, the game soon attracted high user engagement.

Frank says of his experience, “Making the game was just pure fun. I found that when you love what you do, creating becomes easy.” Developing his first game was an enjoyable experience
all around. Still, Frank needed to make money from it to establish his career within the industry. Despite the successful launch of his first game, bigger challenges were just around the corner.

“Before MAS, game revenue was so low I could not move forward.”

Frank hit his first stumbling block on his initial attempts to earn revenue. New to the business side of things, he needed guidance from hi monetization partner to help him grow. It soon became evident that his chosen ad network was unlikely to produce the desired results. “Revenue was so low I could not benefit and move plans forward as I wanted,” he explains.

Delayed responses further exacerbated the problem. “The
account manager presented himself as someone who could follow up on progress,” said Frank. “The trouble is, I felt he was telling me what I wanted to hear and never actually did anything. After a while, he forgot about me. That’s not what I call friendly support.”

“Integrating Yodo1’s MAS in Unity is fast and easy.”

The pioneering developer needed a better monetization program to move his career forward. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long. Out of the blue, Frank received an email from Yodo1 explaining the benefits of Managed Ad Services (MAS). On the follow-up call, a team member explained what MAS is and how the system works. Because MAS automatically selects the top-performing ads from all the primary mediators, Frank was convinced that Yodo1’s A.I solution would increase game revenue—and it did!

The indie solo developer was very impressed with the service. After a few discussions with a Yodo1 games growth specialist, Frank was able to integrate MAS quickly, after which he received guidance on App Store Optimization (ASO) and some great suggestions to improve his games from a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Best of all, “MAS integration in Unity is very easy,” said Frank. “The support team is great, friendly, and the response is quick,
no matter the issue.”

“Yodo1 is the best service out there, and it’s not just about good revenue.”

After implementing MAS SDK, daily revenue for Dark Rooms increased dramatically compared to his previous solution. The boost in income has allowed Frank to focus on other areas for further growth. Specifically, he could now concentrate on ASO to get more visibility for his games in the App Stores. “Yodo1 is the best service out there,” concludes Frank.

“And it’s not just about good revenue, but great support and the chance to have a dedicated customer manager who follows up with you along the way.”

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