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Three Products; One Mission

Turning mobile games into scalable businesses


Bringing the best games to players around the world

Scale your game and let it become an everlasting IP. Our mobile game publishing team will become your team, working together on UA, Marketing, Monetization, Product, Game Design and Community


Monetize Your Game

MAS is the world’s highest-performing game monetization platform.

Maximize your revenue, get paid quickly, and focus on what you love: making great games.


Connecting your games to global brands

Matching global IPs with top-chart games for creating fun and highly profitable events. Integrate your IP with the best games from China and around the world.


Trusted by thousands of partners worldwide.

MAS is a single SDK that helps the world's top indie game developers to maximize mobile game ad revenue. We partner with the world's best ad networks and mediators.


Analyze your data in a single, easy to use dashboard.


Get paid on the 10th of every month.


Exclusive access to education resources and Yodo1's Game Creator Academy.

"Revenue more than doubled, and the amount of support we've received is absolutely first class. I don't know anyone who can offer a larger eCPM than Yodo1.”

— Nick Madonna, PHL Collective Founder

With over 10 years of experience in the mobile game publishing space and 1.5 Billion Players playing our titles, Yodo1 is the partner of choice if you want to let your game become an everlasting IP.


We help you reach Million of players.


China and beyond: unlock new markets


Become our strategic partner: we sign long-term contracts.

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BiG makes it easy for developers to multiply revenue and exposure with world-class brands and for IP holders to link their names to mobile games with high ROI events.


Gain long-term access to exclusive IPs.


Maximize the impact of your brand.


Minimize communication barriers.

The collaboration with Yodo1 and Hasbro has achieved a highly satisfactory result. And Yodo1 has shown real professionalism throughout the process.

— Hu Chao, Rivergame CEO

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