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Accelerate Your Game Growth

Your game deserves the best team and most accurate data insights to help it grow. Unlock your revenue potential and get ready to publish or scale on your own with Our Growth Accelerator Program.

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Growth Accelerator Program

Don’t leave growth to chance, predictably scale your game.

Growth Accelerator Program

Don’t leave growth to chance, predictably scale your game.


Change text to the following “ Hit a revenue ceiling? It may be time to refine your game’s economy. Our Growth Accelerator Program is designed to enhance your monetization strategy, focusing on in-app ads (IAA) and in-app purchases (IAP) to boost your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and maximize your revenue potential.

See how ARBS doubled its revenue with optimized monetization.

mobile game monetization strategies

App Store Optimization

Struggling to stand out in the stores? Our ASO team will analyze your ratings and reviews, and select the right keywords and visuals to work on, with a tailored strategy to improve your conversion rates and get you featured in the Google Play Store and App Store.


Growth Metrics for Mobile Games

Improve Retention

Keeping players interested in your game is hard. Our team collaborates with you to refine your first time user experience (FTUE), tweaking ads and level dynamics, ensuring your game captivates players and significantly boosts D1, D7, D30, and D60 retention from the outset.

Improve Retentions for Mobile Game

User Acquisition

Struggling with low ROAS? Our platform, coupled with our expert team, offers precise analysis and optimization of key performance metrics, specifically aimed at boosting your ROAS. We prepare your game for the competitive landscape of paid user acquisition. Once ready, our specialists work with you to manage and refine campaigns, focusing on achieving a cost-effective CPI and scaling your player base effectively.

See how ARBS increased its player base 50x with custom UA.

User Acquisition optimization for mobile games

4 Steps to Start Accelerating

Mobile Game Growth - step 1
Check Eligibility

Read our FAQ page to review whether your game is eliglble for the Growth Accelerator Program.

Game Growth Accelerating - step 2

Submit the form and click here to schedule a call with the Growth Team. They will assess whether your game is eligible for the program.

User Acquisition - step 3

Our team will play your game, review your metrics and ad monetization and build a tailored proposal on how to accelerate your game growth.

Game Growth Strategies - step 4

Integrate our SDK, a prerequisite to join the Growth Program, so we can start testing and improving your metrics in real time.

Apply for the Growth Program

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Still Have Questions?

Check out these FAQ for the most frequently asked questions about our Growth Accelerator Program, including the criteria you need to meet to qualify.

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