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Optimize Your Mobile Game Monetization

Unlock multiple ad networks and mediators in one place, seamlessly switching to the best performer so you can make the most money.

Optimize Your Mobile Game Monetization

Access Leading Networks & Mediators

Grow Revenue with One Partner, One Platform

Tired of manually setting up waterfalls and optimizing your ROAS, constantly creating new campaigns with different ad networks and mediators to find the best results?
See how MAS saves you time and generates more money!
“Teaming up with Yodo1 to monetize our mobile games has been an experience nothing short of exceptional. Since integrating MAS, we've supercharged revenue for our biggest games and grown to all new heights—enabling us to build for the future, become more sustainable, and take our business to the next level.”
Alexander Camarero Susperregui
Mobile Game Monetization and Growth - Keplerian

Easy To Setup & Scale

Simple, quick-to-install SDK for all popular game engines, so you’ll be up and monetizing your games in no time.

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Why Choose MAS for Monetization

One Platform to Rule Them All - Mobile Game Monetization

One Platform to Rule Them All

MAS is not a standalone ad network. We partner with many of the industry’s leading ad networks and mediators, then use machine learning to optimize your ROAS so you can make more money. No bias, no tricks.

Way More Than Mediation - Mobile Game Monetization

Way More Than Mediation

Get a collection of tools and reports you can use to become data-based and make more informed decisions. Access a diverse team of industry experts specialized in every aspect of mobile game monetization dedicated to your success.

Dedicated Growth Partner - Mobile Game Monetization

Dedicated Growth Partner

Teaming up with multiple providers or hiring your monetization and UA teams means a lot of time and money spent. With MAS, you’ll bring them together with a single partner and platform—and you can even start free!

Safe and Simple Technology - Mobile Game Monetization

Safe and Simple Technology

A secure, easy-to-install SDK for all popular game engines. From Unity to Godot, native Android, and more, MAS has been optimized for stability without impacting performance or UX, so your game can be up and monetizing in no time.


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