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Connecting iconic IPs, stories and characters with the best mobile gaming studios for thrilling crossover events.

Partnered With the Best Games & Global IPs

Partnered With the Best Games & Global IPs

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Experience the epic fusion of your favorite characters, stories, and games!
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Access a Built-In Fanbase

Using known IPs unlocks the ability to tap into a pool of ready fans, reducing marketing costs.

New Creative Possibilities

Licensing IPs offers new creative avenues, building on existing stories and characters.

Enhanced Trust Factor

Known franchises boost game appeal. Gamers are more likely to try games with known IPs: UK/Germany (~25% ), US (23%), South Korea (11%).

Increased Monetization

Players spend more on exclusive items with limited availability. IP recognition and short-time integrations increase the likelihood of purchasing.

Yodo-Bridging the Gap Between Brands & Games.

Why Do IP x Game Collaborations With Yodo1

Partnering with Yodo1 makes it easy for mobile game studios and brands to team up and tap into highly-engaged audiences.

How Yodo1 Makes It Happen


Pinpoint ideal IPs by analyzing your game’s demographics, genre, mechanics, and monetization.


Craft and pitch the collaboration proposal, including storyline, terms, IP items, and marketing strategy.


Guide you through negotiations, including legal and commercials, making the process smooth and quick.


Oversee development, content creation, and timelines. Manage day-to-day approvals for you.


Post-event debrief with all involved parties. Prepare a performance analysis and refine future integrations.

We Make It Easy to Launch Branded In-Game Events

Want to stand out from the crowd and build a branded in-game experience that takes you to the next level? We can help.

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