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Close Cooperation Through MAS Helps AK Studios Thrive

Close Cooperation Through MAS Helps AK Studios Thrive

“If I have any problems, the Yodo1 team is there within seconds.” Muhammad Tabassum Akhtar – AK Games CEO

3D artist Muhammad Tabassum Akhtar from Lahore, Pakistan, worked in the game industry for several years before he was inspired to create a game of his own. His approach to game creation was simple: identify a growing game trend and exploit it. Tabassum established AK Studio in August 2020 with the creation of his first pop it game, Fidget Toys Pop It ASMR.  


Getting Technical Assistance From Previous Ad Network was a Challenge

Tabassum’s first attempt to monetize was through Google Admob. While the game did indeed generate revenue, it was not nearly enough to make a full-time living. He also found that getting assistance when he ran into difficulties with revenue optimization could be difficult.

In his search for a better solution, Tabassum remembered Yodo1’s MAS. This was the solution that Vie Games, whom he had worked with on Kitchen Tale, were using. After some research, a partnership between AK Studios and Yodo1 appeared to be an excellent fit. 

After making the decision to switch to MAS, Tabassum was pleased to receive continuous assistance from the Yodo1 developer support team. Better still, MAS appointed a customer service manager who spoke his native language. “If I have any problems with SDK integration or with anything else,” says Tabassum, “the Yodo1 team are there within seconds with a quick response.” 


Increased Revenue Fuels Expansion

Installing the single MAS SDK with subsequent updates was easy and trouble-free, partly due to the excellent relationship between Tabassum and Yodo1 staff. This close cooperation also helped the developer earn enough to turn AK Studios into a thriving business. 

When he first started working with Yodo1, the company was making around $100 a day. Since then, AK Studio has added another 40 games to MAS and is now earning a five-figure monthly income. 

The MAS feature called QuickPay was also a major plus which addressed another frustration. Most monetization systems only release earnings once each network in the chain has settled. MAS QuickPay ensures that developers are paid promptly on the 10th of every month in full, unlike other networks, which can take up to 90 days.

As a result of their successful partnership with Yodo1, plans were made to relocate to a bigger office. The much-anticipated move happened in October 2021 and coincided with team expansion. The addition of another twenty or more staff members by the end of the year will help AK Studios meet its targets for future game production increases.


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