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Revenue 10x_Koreas Banjiha Games Success Story with MAS

Revenue 10x: Korea’s Banjiha Games’ Success Story with MAS

Our eCPM was declining fast before MAS. Now it’s 10 times higher!

In 2016

Three high school students got together and started an indie game studio. Today, with a nine-person team, Banjiha Games is Korea’s next big thing.They love developing adventure games and puzzles with game mechanics that mimic real-world physics,
where players can be the hero.



In 2019

Banjiha’s “Seoul 2033” title won second place at the Google Play Indie Games Festival.

In 2020

Banjiha’s CEO Seungmin Paik found MAS.


The Challenge: Rapidly Falling Ad Revenue

When Seungmin came to us, they were using a traditional ad mediation platform in auto-mode: their eCPMwas falling fast and for no apparent reason. The studio had tried many products but none met their expectations. We introduced a simple solution: our single-SDK Managed Ad Services platform. “With the support of the detail-oriented and enthusiastic MAS tech team, integration was three times faster than expected,” the CEO reports.

How Yodo1 Helped: Quickly Maintaining a High eCPMthrough Customized Configuration



Why MAS?

With MAS, you will have an experienced monetization team at your full disposal. We will personally optimize your ad configuration, tailoring every setting to your game and player base. And with our team’s open-minded approach and dedication to providing continuous assistance, you won’t have to worry about language barriers being an issue: as Banjiha Games recently highlighted, anyone can benefit from MAS—regardless of where you are in the world.

“The reason to use MAS is simple: quickly maintain a high eCPM—in our case, almost ten times higher than before. In truth, there’s no reason not to work with Yodo1. Their team is passionate about helping you every step of the way.” –Seungmin Paik, CEO Banjiha Games

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