License Top Brands to Build In-Game Events

Connecting hot mobile games with the biggest names in entertainment media for global crossover experiences.

Partnered with the Best Games & Global Brands

Exclusive In-Game Experiences

Develop original stories featuring some of the most iconic characters in TV and film, bringing new content to both universes.

Increase Revenue & Awareness

Time-limited events increase in-game spending and playtime while also decreasing CPIs, so developers make more revenue and brands improve exposure.

Reach New Global Audiences

Featuring a popular IP delivers built-in audiences and drives organic downloads, while brands are introduced to a game's core players.

Unique Growth Opportunities

Join the world’s top brands and game studios; unlock this untapped channel to engage your fans in exciting new ways.


Bridging the Gap Between Brands & Games.

Partnering with Yodo1 makes it easy for mobile game studios and brands to team up & tap into highly-engaged audiences.

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