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Publishing Webinar - The Growth Mindset

Building Better Games:
The Growth Mindset Way

On-Demand Webinar

Firat Baban

Publishing Manager at Yodo1

Join us for our on-demand webinar. Our team of mobile game publishing experts from Yodo1 will take a deep dive into the key areas of game development that drive growth and success. Discover how to invest your resources effectively for maximum impact, and learn the growth-oriented mindset that will help you build better games and achieve long-term success.

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Here's a peek into what you will learn:
Publishing Game Growth Strategies

The mindset successful developers adopt

Publishing Game Growth Strategies

When it makes sense to look for a publisher to help you grow

Publishing Game Growth Strategies

What publishers are looking for in a game and how you can prepare

Meet Our Speakers

Growth Mindset And Mobile Game Monetization

Luke Priddy

Luke Priddy is the Head of Education at Yodo1 and is dedicated to sharing the company’s deep expertise in the gaming industry far and wide. With a background in curriculum design and content strategy, Luke works on producing high-impact learning materials. To date, that includes Yodo1’s Business of Mobile Gaming and ASO courses.

Monetizing Mobile Games Publishing

Firat Baban

Publishing Manager at Yodo1

Firat Baban is a Publishing Manager at Yodo1, with a background in game development, particularly in game design and partnerships areas both in PC and mobile games, running his own gaming studio. He is focused on sharing Yodo1’s extensive knowledge of mobile game publishing to enable studios to successfully launch and expand their games worldwide.

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