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Revenue for Russian Magnet Balls Game Rockets with MAS Power-up

Revenue for Russian Magnet Balls Game Rockets with MAS Power-up

Every monetization tool we tried had flaws. Within a few days of integrating MAS, our eCPM quadrupled.

Mobile game creator Crazy Owl released its first game eight years ago and new ones have been coming out since. Focusing on the casual genre, the studio now has two dozen games under their name and more on the way. Of the titles they’ve created, an addictively relaxing magnetic puzzle game called Magnet Balls PRO has been the most successful.

Limited by Traditional Ad Mediation Options

When monetizing their games, the Crazy Owl team quickly discovered the solutions at their disposal were flawed in ways that detracted from the revenue they could have earned.

“All these years I have been actively working to increase the income from my games, from trying different ad networks to creating my own ad solution. But every monetization tool had flaws and did not yield the desired results. And working on our own to build an SDK that integrates and optimizes multiple ad networks to maximize revenue has proven overwhelming.”
— Vitaliy Gorlov, Founder

eCPM x4 with the Yodo1 SDK and Managed Ad Services

Fortunately, Crazy Owl didn’t have to build their own SDK; they just had to integrate ours.

“MAS enabled us to leverage multiple ad networks with one simple and quick integration. We integrated one SDK, and Yodo1 did all the ad network integrations for us.” — Vitaliy Gorlov, Founder

After years of fine-tuning monetization techniques in our own games, Yodo1 built MAS—the Managed Ad Services platform. This single-SDK game monetization solution houses multiple ad networks and, with a combination of data analysis, human expertise, and no network bias, allows developers to achieve maximum revenue.

“Ad Revenue has multiplied four to five times and continues to grow. The integration process is very fast: invest a few hours integrating the MAS SDK and you can multiply your monthly ad revenue several times over. All types of payments are supported, including Paypal and bank transfers, and you know the money is going to come in.”

“Within a few days of integration, I was pleasantly surprised by the eCPM level from MAS—four times higher than before. Naturally, I decided to integrate MAS in more of my games.” –Vitaliy Gorlov, Founder, Crazy Owl

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