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Curiosity and Tenacity_Ismael Kickstarts Gaming Industry Career

Curiosity and Tenacity: Ismael Kickstarts Gaming Industry Career

At Yodo1, we believe that the gaming industry should be open to everyone with an interest, no matter their skill level or experience. Our free courses and training sessions allow anybody who loves gaming to fulfill their dreams of working in the industry.

Many people are drawn in by a personal interest, of course, but some have also come to Yodo1 thanks to a series of happy coincidences. 

Meet Ismael

Ismael from Alicante, Spain, wasn’t part of the gaming industry—he’d worked various jobs, mostly in tourism, and was helping some of his friends with translations and marketing for their mobile gaming studio.

“Yodo1 contacted my friends and they don’t speak English. So they asked me to look into it and do some research.” He thought he’d just give the company a quick look-over, but when he went to Yodo1’s website and started reading up on the products, he was impressed and wanted to learn more about it.

First Step: Yodo1’s Free MAS Business Development Course

Ismael found the Managed Ad Services (MAS) BD Certification Course and realized that MAS was the product his friends were being offered: a platform that helps mobile game developers optimize the revenue from their games. 

Curious, Ismael signed up for the free course. “I thought if I took the course then I’d be ready, see if there was a catch, and avoid any surprises.”

But after taking the course, Ismael had no doubts. “I told my friends that this platform could definitely be helpful to outsource monetization and optimize revenue.”

Ismael dove into the business side of gaming, studying up to twelve hours some days to get a handle on the terminology, industry trends, etc. At first, he felt lost and found it overwhelming, but he kept at it.

His friends’ studio had decided to integrate MAS, and just a week later, “I got an email from Yodo1 telling me I’d passed the course…and that’s how everything started,” says Ismael, with a wide smile.


A Day in the Life in the MAS BD Rep Program

Ismael’s new job involved speaking to game developers around the world, helping them onboard the MAS platform and teaching them how to use it effectively. Each morning, he began by preparing for the day’s upcoming calls by playing the developers’ games and researching them online, seeing how MAS could help them. 

In addition to the flexibility and the constant opportunities for learning and growth, Ismael found the Yodo1 Team to be one of the best parts of his new job. “This team is amazing. Every time I needed some help, they were there. And I really love the personal connection with our community partners. Of course, I recommend the product, but it’s not just selling for selling’s sake.”

He also discovered a strong, collaborative team spirit: “Here, we work towards what’s best for each developer, and for the company; it’s about we, not I. We look for what’s best for the team, always. And I love it.”

Ismael took up the challenge, refusing to be intimidated by the amount of work and new information. And it has paid off in spades! Only a few short months later, Ismael was offered a full-time position as a Customer Success Manager at Yodo1, a challenge that he embraced with open arms, thanks to the experience he developed in the MAS BD Rep program. 

This Could Be You!

Ismael hopes his story provides encouragement and motivation for anyone who’s thinking about taking the MAS BD Certification Course that if they give their best shot, they can be a part of the gaming industry, too. 

When asked to describe the atmosphere of working in a team at Yodo1, Ismael’s reply was clear and joyful: “Family, laughs, and team spirit. I know they have my back every time. No matter what happens. Also, Yodo1 likes you to be curious. And this all began because I was super curious.”