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Discover How IP Crossovers Can Generate Buzz for Mobile Games​

Thinking up new and exciting ways to help grow our partners is a top priority for Yodo1 and our recent cross-promotion events speak to this focus.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (ARBS) and Rodeo Stampede, both games published by Yodo1, joined up for a crossover event in March. In this instance, Rodeo Stampede players could unlock up-to five ARBS animals which had been integrated into the game.

T-rex, Hellhound and Minotaur were only some of the beloved ARBS animals that gamers could choose to use in Rodeo Stampede, and the response was phenomenal. These crossover animal skins were free to use for three days, and if players completed a certain number of missions during that time, the skins were theirs to keep.

And if utilizing new characters in an already incredibly fun title wasn’t enough, interstitial messages using KTPlay, our community management tool, encouraged players to head to the source and check out the original game, in this case ARBS.

This was the second time Yodo1 organized a game crossover event of this kind in the last six months. Keplerians, one of our monetization partners since 2019, also participated in a cross-promo event with Rodeo Stampede. Organized in October 2021 for Halloween, it lasted 4 weeks. Rod, Ice Scream’s signature character, the crocodile, Rod’s pet, and the iconic Ice Scream Van were integrated into Rodeo Stampede, so players could choose to run as Rod instead of with the usual Rodeo rider, and unlock the crocodile once they reached the higher levels.

Yodo1 - a game crossover event growth

The game was enhanced by Halloween-themed visuals and lasted one month. Thanks to the interstitial messages, you could access and download Ice Scream 4 directly from Rodeo Stampede.

“Once we shared the assets, the Yodo1 team took care of all integration and design details,” said Pablo, Co-Founder of Keplerians. “With all the logistics and details taken care of, it could only be a win-win for us.”

How does Yodo1 make this happen? With these games in our partner pool, we’re able to communicate promptly, leading to successful matches and deals. Once the events are approved from both sides, our team handles all the crossover logistics, from designing the visual elements, to planning the event promotion, to analyzing the results.

This Keplerians-Rodeo Stampede event was the first crossover either game had participated in, and successfully generated a huge buzz across social media, ultimately increasing traffic for the respective games.

“It was exciting for our game’s community! We promoted it on Discord and encouraged players to post screenshots and videos, offering rewards. Bringing new content to our existing player base and seeing their enthusiastic reaction was definitely a highlight of this collaboration,” Pablo further explained.

Over three million gamers play Over three million gamers play

Over three million gamers play thousands of games that use Yodo1’s MAS platform. This provides a rich ecosystem of players and content for creating fun and high-impact cross-overs. Yodo1’s expertise in designing fun and engaging cross-over campaigns helps to create marketing buzz for the games involved, providing a free cross-promotion network that partner games can participate in and benefit from.

Out-of-the-box events like these are just some of the many ways Yodo1 works to help its partners, bring people together and increase revenue creatively.

In summary, how can crossover events like these benefit you?

  1. By generating buzz across social media and providing your players with fun, new unexpected content,
  2. Increasing traffic to your game and attracting a new audience–as these games have different player bases, they give each other access to new players.
  3. Limited-time events are attractive for players and can generate a huge revenue increase during the runtime period.

If you want to work with us on monetization or game publishing and participate in these cross-promotion events between Yodo1 partners, reach out and contact us today.