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Dmobin Studio_You can rely on MAS to increase your ad revenue

Dmobin Studio: “You can rely on MAS to increase your ad revenue!”

We boosted ad revenue from 10% to 40% since integrating MAS.

For Dat and his team in Vietnam, making games was just a spare time activity—until they took the leap to follow their passion and started Dmobin Studio. They love developing adventure games and puzzles with game mechanics that mimic real-world physics, where players can be the hero.

The Challenge: Growing Games, Stagnant Revenue

While their games were racking up downloads, monetization was unfortunately another story.

“We had a hard time creating a monetization strategy because we didn’t have much experience optimizing our ads, and we had difficulties when using other mediation networks. Then we met Chaula from Yodo1 and discovered MAS.”

What Dmobin Studio needed most was help optimizing the ad placements and monetization model of their games, customizing it to their player base and characteristics.


The Solution: A Painless Platform and a Team that Takes Care of You

A pleasant surprise when switching to MAS was just how easy it was.

“Since we started using MAS, on average our revenue has increased from 10% up to 40%, which makes us very happy to be using it.
And the MAS team does a lot more than provide technical and managerial support: they are passionate about working with us to keep making our games perform better.”

“We now have eight games setup with MAS, and the best part of the experience is the revenue uplift.
We are definitely planning to add more games in the future.”

We always hoped that someday there’d be a mediation platform that would help us optimize our ad revenue without a difficult set-up. If you’re looking for an easy way to monetize with great results, integrate MAS. It will help you build scenarios for optimal monetization, and you can rely on it to improve your revenue.”

“With MAS, all we had to do was register and submit our games once, then the system took care
of all the network configurations for us.”–Dat, Founder of DMobin