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Access over 10 years of experience with over a billion players. In a competitive industry, knowledge is a key industry, knowlege is a key difference maker.

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Master the core principles of learning more money with your game, and learn how to use player data to take learn how to use player data to take your monetization to the next level.

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Up to date content on trends, best practices, game design principles, marketing strategies, monetization, marketing strategies, monetization, and much more.


Usama Saleem

You are helping community!

I just wanted to learn ASO from some authentic source and here I got you. Thanks for making that course free.

Junaid Tahir

Very productive and informative

Every beautifully described.

Mohammed Ali

Very good


About Your Instructurs

We are helping thousands of studios around the world market, monetize, and manage their games to better serve a player base of 1.5 billion and growing.

Starting with our own titles-including Rodeo Stampede, Transformers: Earth Wars, and Cross Roads-we learned to publish successfully worldwide and in China.

Our signature East-meets-West approach helped us amass over 1.5 billion players and has driven the creation of unique, world-class game management, marketing, and monetization tools.

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