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We love making games just as much as we love playing them, and we want you, the player, to love them just as much. Messaging us about in-game issues helps our developers in their quest to flush out those pesky bugs and gets you back to enjoying our games to their fullest extent, sooner!

Have another question? No worries! We’ve highlighted the main question topics in our drop down menu so we can promptly answer them when they reach us. If you have a question that doesn’t quite fit the pre-designated subjects, that’s fine too! Just click on the trusty label, “None of these!” and type away; we’ll get back to you ASAP!

For press and events inquiries, click on the ‘PRESS INQUIRIES’ button below. Alternatively, for business and developer related inquiries, click on ‘BUSINESS INQUIRIES’.

PRESS INQUIRIESAre you an outlet representative or freelancer looking to write a story? Click here.
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