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Ivan Panasenko’s Triple Income Success with MAS

With Yodo1’s Ad design advice, we reduced complaints and tripled revenue at the same time.

By finding the right monetization tools, solo developer Ivan Panasenko was finally able to achieve the dream: making a living with mobile games. He is the one-man studio behind the hit games Ailment and Endurance— sci-fi action shooter games that quickly gained popularity.

The ailment was among the Best Indie Games of 2019 on the Google Play Store, while Endurance was featured twice in the Play Store’s favorite games of the month.

His story-driven games have a sci-fi-meets-retro vibe that pulls players into the world he’s created.


The Challenge: Getting Monetization Right

Traditional ad mediation platforms weren’t enough for Ivan to bring in the revenue needed to keep producing games at the high standard his studio is now known for. More importantly, he had users complaining that interstitials were showing up too frequently and interrupting the flow of the game.

He was searching for hands-on help with monetization and ad placement, so he could focus on what he does best: making awesome games.


The Solution: A Monetization Team that Supports You All the Way

That’s where our MAS team stepped in, quickly turning things around for Ivan with custom ad design recommendations, ASO suggestions, and UA advice. Before long, revenue had increased threefold. Now Ivan can focus on porting Endurance to Nintendo Switch and Xbox, as well as working on a brand new title.

Partnering with Yodo1’s Managed Ad Services (MAS) team tripled Ivan Panasenko’s game revenue and freed up more time for developing. Set up our MAS SDK today, and you can start cashing in on increased ad revenue as early as next month. Visit for instruction and connect with our team for 24/7 support.

“I’m a happy customer and I’ll use MAS for all my future games. I would recommend working with them, they’ve helped me a lot!” –Ivan Panasenko, Founder