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Game Creator Academy: A Treasure Chest for Indie Developers

Game Creator Academy: A Treasure Chest for Indie Developers

Gaming is now firmly established as the most popular form of entertainment worldwide, and mobile gaming is its golden child. 

Last year alone, mobile games generated US$93.2 billion in revenue. For context, global cinema box office and music revenues combined totaled “only” $42 billion.  

Considering these figures, you would think that small game developers prioritize the business side as they do the creating side. However, that has not been the case for most, and the primary reason is a lack of access to educational resources to empower them. 

When they do exist, these resources are also usually scattered, presenting a challenge for time-crunched indie developers to locate. 

And this is where Yodo1 and Game Creator Academy (GCA) come in.  

Building a Game Economy is Essential

Having helped thousands of studios worldwide market, manage, and monetize their games, Yodo1 intends to help thousands of game creators expand and diversify their global knowledge of mobile gaming. 

While many game development programs prioritize programming, GCA’s focus is educational content to help indie developers navigate the business aspect of the industry.  

“It is important to emphasize that once a developer builds a game and publishes it on the app store, they operate a business. That game is now competing with other games for eyeballs, downloads, revenue, etc.,” explained Luke Priddy, Yodo1’s head of education.

 Hence, having a solid marketing and monetization framework is critical for mobile gaming success.

“With GCA, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from publishing games that have gained over 1.5 billion players and putting those methods and strategies into accessible content in one convenient location,” added Luke. 

Track Record of Educating

Yodo1-produced education courses have been widely acclaimed, with over 100,000 students enrolled to date. GCA will diversify and add to that already established student base by making available new learning resources in courses, interviews, PDFs, and more on a weekly basis.

One recent example is a series on game design best practices, which teaches the fundamentals of mobile game design and takes you through the phases of game development from pre-production through post-production. This resource is a relevant roadmap for building more interesting and exciting titles.  

Also included in GCA is the 5-star rated Business of Mobile Gaming (BoMG) course taught by Yodo1 co-founder and gaming guru Henry Fong. The popular App Store Optimization Course (ASO), which covers tips and tricks to increase downloads and conversions, is also included.

At Yodo1, we believe gaming success is achievable for all indie developers. Mobile gaming revenue is projected to grow to $116 billion by 2024, and we want to provide you with the knowledge to unlock your earning potential. And right now, the best way to do that is for you to sign up for your free GCA membership. Visit game Creator Academy today to learn more.