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A Single Ad Mediation Partner Wasn’t Working: The Solution? MAS.

A Single Ad Mediation Partner Wasn’t Working: The Solution? MAS.

Personalized support and increased revenue changed the game for developer HeyDay.

Muhammed Ahad’s journey in the game
industry started with the games he played in his early childhood. Many
years of playing titles such as GTA: Vice City and Project IGI left a
lasting impression. It helped him decide on a career path early: to make
great games! 

Ready to embark on his new career, Ahad faced the
same dilemma that many face, how to begin without relevant experience?
The answer, as all successful indie developers come to learn, is simple:
make a game and gain experience as you go. Full of enthusiasm, the
tenacious developer set out to create his own game. Anti-Stress
Management 3D, an oddly satisfying snap pop it fidget game experience,
was ready to go by September 2020.  


Initial Attempts to Monetize Unsatisfactory

with the result of his efforts, Ahad pressed forward to see how far he
could take his creation. The next step was to figure out how to make a
living from it. Aside from motivating users to purchase and view ads
through a fun experience, game monetization is something creators need
to think about early. Ideally, long before the game is launched in the
app stores.

Ahad’s initial attempt to generate a revenue stream
through his new game encountered multiple problems. This is not unusual.
The complexities of converting users into paying customers are
considerable, something that the game creator soon learned while
attempting to monetize through Admob. “Ad serving on Admob was limited,
especially when most of your players come from tier 3 countries,”
explains Ahad. In addition, payments were reduced consistently due to
invalid traffic. Taken altogether, the situation became unacceptable. A
new solution was needed, fast.


“I love Yodo1. Their support team truly supports me anytime I need assistance.” Muhammed Ahad – CEO, HeyDay Studios 

Admob with a more flexible and profitable system was not as difficult
as first imagined. Having learned of Yodo1’s MAS (Managed Ad Services),
the indie developer worked to resolve his monetization problems after an
in-depth conversation with a Yodo1 representative. “Integrating MAS
into my game was substantially easier compared to other third-party
solutions,” says Ahad. “As a matter of fact, it would be true to say
that I actually enjoyed the experience.”

Armed with detailed yet
easy-to-grasp documentation and the backing of a willing and able
support team, the new system was installed and live in no time. Pivotal
to the swift and trouble-free integration of MAS was the level of help
he received throughout the process. “The Yodo1 support team truly
supports me anytime I need assistance,” says Muhammed, “and I love the
services that the game publisher offers.”


“I solved my monetization problems and doubled revenue with one single MAS SDK installation.” Muhammed Ahad – CEO, HeyDay Studios

on a single ad network or mediator is not always the best strategy.
Installing MAS provided his hyper-casual, stress-relieving game with
access to multiple primary ad mediators, reducing its dependence on
Admob for all revenues. 

Switching to MAS was a game-changer for
Ahad. He bought his first car with his first Yodo1 payment and had
plenty left over to grow HeyDay Studios. Created in August 2020, the
company currently employs several other game professionals. With the
support of Yodo1’s monetization services, Ahad and his team are forging
ahead with the next big challenge – to make HeyDay studios a prominent
name in the world of mobile gaming. 


Partner with the best

on one Ad Network or Mediator for game revenue can be problematic and
is rarely the best way to maximize revenue. Yodo1’s MAS mediates between
all primary mediators and Ad Networks to solve the problem. Together
with our highly experienced team of monetization professionals, MAS
offers the best possible solution to the challenge.

Register on our MAS Portal today and set up MAS AI automation in just three easy steps, or contact a Games Growth Specialist here to learn more.